Staunton Virginia…a visit

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Today I went to Staunton, Virginia to visit my uncle Cecil.   He’s only 96, a youngster.   We talked.  Watched the robins, who incidentally, are early this year.

We talked about his time in the Army in the Pacific Theatre in WWII and of course about my Dad whose birthday was yesterday.

Then we visited my cousin Kay, a funny and wonderful woman.   We talked family and shook the family tree a little.

Some stories are brewing in my head…stay tuned.


Chanticleer-A Change in Plans and the Shed in the Woods

Chanticleer Where Are You?  continues…

Back at the house there’s a change in plans.   And the shed in the woods–unlocked.

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Surveillance Begins — Patty Makes a Discovery

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The story, Chanticleer Where Are You?  continues–with eyes in the woods peering.    The night darkens, the fog deepens and Patty makes a discovery.

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Chanticleer – High Water

The creek is rising is more than one way…and where is Chanticleer…and where is Mom?

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Check Stories “Chanticleer Where Are You?”  Click here.


Chanticleer Is Here

Check out Stories for “Chanticleer Where Are You?” ..each day a new chapter is released.

The clocks have changed,  it’s November but still hot,  the world is a little askew–now, the rooster’s gone  missing.


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20150303_124645_Richtone(HDR)This website and blog features stories and poems that I’ve written.    I write everyday.  It’s an interesting world and many stories lie within.


I don’t know about you, but when someone says, “Let me tell you a story,” I perk up and can’t wait to hear “a story”!

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Glenda Kotchish