Between Spaces

Hello, I’m living in the space between the canvas and the paint.  Although the paint is an image of a rather large building–it’s just an illusion, you know–two dimensions masquerading as three. Actually,  my abode is a plane, at least to your eyes in your large view of things.  For me, subatomic as I am, there is ample room.  And because I am so small, I can occupy two distinct places at the same time.   It’s rather like going on vacation and staying home, too.

Admittedly, I don’t do much–other than scampering around here and there–casting my light about.  It keeps me occupied. 

At times, I pretend the building is more than an image and I go from floor to floor, down hallways, room to room.  If there is a painted window, I’ll sometimes shine my best and create a change in the paint color–a flicker of light.   (It’s hard to achieve in the windows that are painted black.)

Have you noticed, out there–casting your eyes upon the canvas?  I like to think I’m making progress. 

© Glenda Kotchish

June 15, 2016