Remember When?

Remember that day in August when it was hot and humid outside?

You were sitting on your grey leather sofa, looking out the sliding glass doors. A bird was making a branch in the shrubs move. You thought it was a breeze on that still, hot morning. Maybe because the fan over your head was pushing cool air down on you. You were so comfortably sitting there, sipping on your morning tea. Maybe you were thinking the same breeze was blowing outside .

Remember how you watered your house plants that morning? You even gave them a little plant food.

Remember the red, grey and aqua rug on the floor at your feet? Soft and plush.

Do you remember the orchids? The one about to bloom–a surprise to you?

Do you remember sipping that cup of tea, how well you felt–the day spread out before you–interesting things to do and people to meet?

Do you?

You should. That day, those memories–are now.

(c) Glenda Kotchish 8/16/2019