Beware the Lure of the Snake

I stand at the patio door, looking out.  My stomach churns.   An old feeling.   Fear.  Dread.  Being left behind.   Being taken advantage of.  Being harmed.

The snake on the patio, smiling, sunning herself, looking so lazy and peaceful waiting–waiting to strike–with effort keeping her forked tongue in her mouth.     

Behind me the piles of books to sort through, to find the answers before entering the courtyard to face her.   Can I stand on my feet?   Yes.    But will I waiver?   Will I accept what she so slyly puts forth.  Will my research fail me and slip from my mind?  Will all my analytics fall silent as I listen to her sorcery and quick speech and dismissal of issues? She will be prepared.   She will listen to what I have to say and then she will discount them with a word or two.   

“Come sit by me,” she’ll say.  “Bask in the warm sun beside me.”   She’ll lift her head to the sun and smile careful to hold her tongue in her mouth and keep her jaws closed.   

In the garden beds behind her, her family slithers and hisses advice to her.   They squirm around at the ready, sisters, brothers, allies.   

What armor shall I take with me to battle this foe?  What weakness shall I closet and leave behind?   

Leave anger behind.   Anger will not serve you there. Take fear as an ally to sharpen your perception, to warn you and guard you against treachery.   Logic and reason will be with you but do not try to share and rationalize with the snake. For her mind is set, her path is chosen.  The chorus behind her will hiss their rebuttals to anger you, to throw you off course.   

Send forth a courier.  Prepare for everything.   Stay on the path.   Go slowly.  

Your mind will serve you well.

© April 6, 2017

Glenda Kotchish