Silence is not possible.

The sound of living, of life
flows deeply

Make your own noise
and blend into the harmony
of nature, of the universe.

Words are not enough
to explain.

Glenda Kotchish (c) June 2024

image from M on Pixabay


The great power of love
without a heart beat of hesitance.

Let your love
outshine the presence of mind
that looks for criticism
and that which irritates you.

Let irritation be as a sneeze,
quickly over, expelled.

(c) Glenda Kotchish May 15, 2024 


Guide yourself and others
into the balance of being.

The plants show the way.

Reaching and turning 
for the light
turning their leaves

Reaching deeply in
their surroundings
to gain strength
and overtake
all they want.

(c) Glenda Kotchish September 26, 2023