Trash Day

Trash Day

Jen forgot to put the trash out.  It was all there–every little scrap: wrappers, boxes, cans, bottles, pieces of string, dust balls, dead crickets, dead cricket legs, paper–all of it.   It was the 45th time this year, that she’d missed trash day–45 weeks–only seven more pick ups left  in 2016.


“I’ll remember next week,” she said out loud to no one. “I’ll write myself a note–a reminder.”


She went to her desk for pen and paper.  She wrote:  TRASH DAY, Tuesday and took the note into the kitchen.   She placed it on the refrigerator door using a butterfly magnet to hold it in place–next to 44 other slips of paper.


© Glenda Kotchish

October 16, 2016